Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Did you say small town folks ?

Net Indya , A Cyber Cafe in Himachal Pradesh Solan Posted by Hello It was fun , acquainting with Internet Browsing center operators from across the world . The more memorable like Dhiraj from Solan, A small town in Himachal Pradesh, India . It is usually the tax authorities chase the people. Here Dhiraj chased the service tax authorities to know how to pay the service tax levied on the Cyber cafes ! . As Dhiraj shared with us . The Service tax Authorities were at a loss to know under what classification cyber cafes are and hence were unable to tax . Here is a lesson to me A common man is more conscientious to his duty . A lack of convenience in compliance forces many to avoid taxes. Hats off Dhiraj !! Praful of Kalingpong, West Bengal ; Prakash from Sagar Madhya Pradesh were some other interesting folks .

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