Saturday, January 22, 2005

will ipod bring a new lease of life to Internet cafes world wide ?

iPod has been creating a lot of excitment amongst geeks & topped the chrishmas gifts wish list . ipod can store musics, photos & can be Used as a portable hard drive — take your files with you. In another story by Andrew Orlowski from San Francisco in the register shares his views : A friend who recently got a laptop computer views it a little differently: "If I'm staying overnight all I used to need was a phone, a toothbrush and an iPod. Now you need the notebook, the charger, cables for the iPod, a Bluetooth dongle. "Real mobility is an internet cafe on every street corner, like in Asia. Then you don't need to bring anything." Wonder if iPod may bring in a new business opportunity to thousands of Internet Cafes world wide ?

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