Sunday, March 06, 2005

Pakistan's Fast Bowler Mohammad Khalil learns his tricks from a Cyber Cafe

An interesting story reported on , illustrating the power of Internet & it is our will & initiative how do we use it : Pakistan's 22-year-old fast bowler Mohammad Khalil says he has "studied" Sachin Tendulkar's batting and discovered a weakness against left-arm bowlers which he would try to exploit in the upcoming Test and one-day series. Being a left-arm bowler himself, Khalil has drawn attention from all quarters. The media, in its usual hype, has even drawn parallels with the legendary Wasim Akram. Khalil, however, has been humble enough to brush aside such comparisons. But he is keen to get at India's greatest batsman, whom Akram failed to have a measure of in his illustrious career. "Yes, I have studied him (Tendulkar). More than me, my younger brother Akheel Mohammad," said Khalil. Akheel runs an internet cafe in Lahore and, Khalil said, the two had spent enough time surfing the websites to gather bits and pieces of information about Tendulkar, for whom the ball delivered from around the wicket at his ribcage or thigh pad had been the bane on more than one occasion. Left-arm spinners Ashley Giles of England and Ray Price of Zimbabwe, besides Pedro Collins of the West Indies, have successfully used the leg-theory to pin Tendulkar. "We have studied every aspect carefully and if I get to play, I will use it in the match," Khalil said.

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