Monday, May 23, 2005

Exam Results season on its way

Exam Results still remain the most popular purpose for visiting the Cyber Cafes. This season I found many innovative promotions and business opportunity . Some cafes have offered an additional service to offer print outs of the exam results & charge a cool Rs 25/- . Given the high anxiety level many customers are ready takers ! Lets hope the nic web sites don't disappoint us . Best of Luck !! Cyber-cafes gear up for another manic Monday Students can get their results online from: Abantika Ghosh, Indian Express, New Delhi, May 21,2005: While students and parents have started steeling themselves for what Monday may hold, cyber cafes are getting ready to cope with the rush that has become a regular feature ever since the CBSE Class XII results started coming up online five years ago. And despite an announcement from CBSE that the result will be available only after 8 am on Monday, most cyber-cafes owners hope a last-minute announcement from the council will advance the timing to midnight on Sunday. While preparing for an all-night haul, some are even taking extra precautions like installing special anti-virus software. Says Himanshu, owner of Riviera Cyber cafe, ‘‘Earlier, before Internet connections became so widely available, there would be advance bookings. But over the last few years, the rush has gone down. Still, there are long queues throughout the night and this kind of extra business is too good to be missed just for a night’s sleep.’’ Meanwhile, helplines are already abuzz with calls from students and parents. Requests range from the innocuous ‘what if the results do not come out in time?’ to ‘here’s my roll number, why can’t you get my results through your contacts’ to the desperate ‘I am feeling suicidal, can’t you get them to increase my score.’ Barely 24 hours after its helplines opened, Snehi, a NGO, has received some 400 calls relating to the results. At Sumaitri, another such helpline, the number of daily student callers, excluding parents, has doubled from the usual 1-2 per day.


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