Monday, June 13, 2005

First case against cyber cafe booked under the Bagalore draconian rule

Its the worst day for the small cyber cafe operators, Bangalore . Unfortunately we are widely dispersed and too small to gather & stage a protest and create awareness. In days to come Bangalore cyber cell has a tough job to handle, but the 3000 cyber cafes cannot be unpaid accomplice in policing the city . At ApiAp we shall try our best to voice our protest to this unjust regulation. First case against cyber cafe booked BANGALORE, Staff Reporter , The Hindu The State Government has made it mandatory for cyber cafes to maintain a record of Internet users The Cyber Crime police have booked the first case against a cyber cafe here for not following the notification making maintenance of the record of Internet users mandatory. The case was booked against Paradise Cyber Cafe in Basaveshwara Nagar on June 7. The Cyber Crime police have submitted a report to the Information Technology Secretary, K.N. Shankarlinge Gowda, for taking further action against the cyber cafe owner. The State Government, with an intention to prevent misuse of Internet by criminals, issued a notification in August 2004 making it mandatory for cyber cafes to maintain a record of Internet users. Failure to maintain the record, the notification said, would result in impounding their licences. The notification, the first of the kind to be issued in the country, prescribed the need for a surfer to display his identity card at the cyber parlour or be photographed by a web camera by the attendant, before he logs on to the Internet. According to the Cyber Crime police not many Internet parlours in the city are following the directions, despite copies of the notification being served to them. This led them to start the process of booking cases against Internet parlours, a senior Cyber Crime police official said. © Copyright 2000 - 2005 The Hindu

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    wht should we do (cybercafe owner)if someone eles down load any photos or any clip is that our responsiblity to pay fine for that phots or clip & if i play songs of new movies which i downloaded that from cooltoad sits is that also not allowed & we have to pay fine for that also
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    pls replay me sir