Saturday, June 17, 2006

Our name just got a little bit longer

On 4th April 2006, We changed our name from Association of Public Internet Access Provider to Association of Public Information Communication Technology Tools Access Provider we can go as short as Association of Public ICT tools Access Provider. Of course the acronym still remains the same i.e. ApiAp. Two short reasons for the long name: We started as an advocacy group for Cyber Café operators to convey its contribution to the society. But we realize, Internet is just one amongst many tools to get information access to the masses. Public Telephone call office ( PCO ), are more prevalent. Community Radio is more effective in spreading information amongst the read/ write incapable populace. Community Internet network is a near possibility. In the shared access domain all face identical issues: sustainability, grim future prospects but tremendous potential. And the legal issues faced in operating shared access environment. Hence to make the platform more representative of the common interest of the stakeholders we decided to broaden the name. ApiAp will strive to make entrepreneurial opportunities in ICT sector at grassroots level more accessible. We have migrated to a new web site do visit us at

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